celebrating Nando G
ómez life
Nando Gómez, eclectic Spanish percussionist and friend who shared three years of his short life with us.


"The thunder unchained the crash, the stimuli sprouted; the emotions flew with each rhythm, wild and rapidly following the steps that mark the elusiveness of time".
"Make a difference... Add new colours into the world music scene".
Nando G


  I met Nando in a sunny morning of March 2006 at Southbank. He came by bike, smiling as always, dressed in yellow -or at least is what I remember, all in yellow! it was a sunny really sunny day in London after all- He looked so relaxed while we shared a cafe at the National Theatre terrace (not only with me... with my husband and daughter that at that moment was 3 months old and the word quiet doesn't described her exactly...- Nando told me he wasn't interested in money neither in fame, he just wanted to play with his soul to the people who wanted to listen, to express his feelings through percussion. And that's exactly what we did for the years we played together... We shared our music and creation,  we saw our music discover new ways. Honest with himself and with every single step in his entire life Nando found peace in London in so many senses. 
He flew to other universes on the 2nd November 2008 after contracting a rare disease and is sadly missed by his family, friends and fellow musicians.
Silvia Demetilla

4 November 2008  

Fernando- Nando-  Gómez was not only the "anthrax or the bongo man" as most of the media described him

Nando was the kind of exceptional people you only meet once in a lifetime, plenty of ideals, working for a better world in peace… He was a caring person always trying to find the positive even in the worst situations. Most of the times with a smile in his face, calling brothers to his brothers… Loving man and father of five children, teacher and musician, he loved life, he loved his life...

Nando was born in Spain, but his heart belonged to Hackney in London, and Africa which rhythms stole his soul.

Nando was also our percussionist, a friend…He was part of our world, a compass giving us the rhythm and the folk. He touched us in so many ways. We grew up together sharing happy and sad moments. Also together we created a wonderful universe of songs.

Nando will live for ever in our heart, in our music… Probably this is the best legacy he left to us all.

FM Resonance London & last rehearsal together  



No hay dos fuegos iguales

Un hombre del pueblo de Neguá, en la costa de Colombia, pudo subir al alto cielo.

A la vuelta contó. Dijo que había contemplado desde arriba, la vida humana.

Y dijo que somos un mar de fueguitos. -El mundo es eso -reveló- un montón de gente, un mar de fueguitos.

Cada persona brilla con luz propia entre todas las demás. No hay dos fuegos iguales.

Hay fuegos grandes y fuegos chicos y fuegos de todos los colores.

Hay gente de
fuego sereno, que ni se entera del viento, y gente de fuego loco que llena el aire de chispas.

Algunos fuegos, fuegos bobos, no alumbran ni queman; pero otros arden la
con tanta pasión que no se puede mirarlos sin parpadear, y quien se acerca se enciende.

El mundo- Eduardo Galeano  (El libro de los abrazos)




Nando Gomez by Danielle Branquinho

Nando Gomez with alasVALS - Novas Contemporary Centre London

alasvals at Electro Acoustic Club, London- Sandra Conte, Silvia Demetilla and Nando Gomez



Nando Gomez with Natalie Sedgwick at Buffalo Bar





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