trange planes flying over me
Ways that already I've dreamed
I ask to myself
Till when will I be here?
Hidden shadows and faces that don't see
Eyes like torches looking at me,
is like walking on the moon,
Are you yet with me?
Maybe is the red light that follows me
Winter blues and foggy nights
Tears of the butterfly that never cry...


we are...


Silvia Demetilla
David Aguirre
(Nando Gomez)
Therese Bann
Natalie Sedgwick
Guests musicians

Federico Caoivano
Diego Rojas


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Starfish dream


Abnormal Puzzle

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ALASVALS: Felicidad Equidistante

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Oid mortales
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alasVALS new Video "Nubes prestadas"
Te regalo las nubes de Brasil, Te devuelvo la vida en que te amé...

alasVALS Video "FAS" (DnB mix)
"Felices Aves Sabias" or "FAS" a very short trip DnB by folktronica alasVALS.
The legend said that Walt Disney visited this park in Argentina in 1949 finding the inspiration for creating Disneyland.
Ths videos departs from the imaginary station of "Little Red hood" into a trip of reality and fantasy.

alasVALS Video "Starfish dream" W
...When Silvia fell in love with Lanzarote Island -Canary Island- she decided those moon style landscapes would be ideal for alasVALS new dreamy music video "Starfish dream" ( "Sueño de una estrella de mar") because that song was partly composed at the island celebrating the amazing landscape, the wind, the emptiness, the sun... Dedicated to our inner child, when everything is possible.

alasVALS new Single "Etereotango"
...Alt-tango, ambient and ethereal with a contemporary touch, encompassing folktronic to experimental and even classical music. It evokes uprooting, loss and constant searching. Inspired by the great women that break moulds...

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Discover our world...  

The brainchild of Argentinean singer songwriter Silvia Demetilla, alasVALS are a folk/fusion alternative-tango collective based in London and Buenos Aires. The core members joining Silvia are David Aguirre –based in Argentina- who controls the programming and instrumental arrangements, violinist Natalie Sedgwick – with her beautiful and sensitive approach to the songs- and flute player Therese Bann –who describes herself as “between classical, jazz, world, ambient and anything in between as long as it's got soul” - + guest musicians. Virtuoso percussionist and founding member Nando Gómez sadly died in 2008, but his inventive use of eclectic percussion lives on through their recordings, especially 2008's “Felicidad Equidistante”, which is dedicated to him.

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Our music...  

alasVALS use an eclectic range of instruments including violin, flute, melodica, ocarina, synths, rainstick, Indian tablas and odd percussion instruments, which are then mixed with electronic samples and melodic beats. Switching between English and Spanish the lyrics have a very delicate, clear voice, suited to the poetry they sing and play. Their lyrical influences include reflections on emigration and personal poetry about "inner life".


What is being said... RR

"Rather than adjusting  to the Argentine stereotype alasVALS - an atmospheric group influenced by tango, trip hop, jazz and experimental pop - has taken and transformed London's life influence in a creative way... This is not only because sometimes they sing in English and Spanish, it is also because their songs have something nostalgic and a winter feeling... A real discovery for people that like Portishead, Bjork or Regina Spektor".
Magazine El Colectivo- London

"alasVALS is a group I’d like to play more from; their fusion of musical is surprising and well-judged but above all very moving".
N Quentin Woolf- Xtreme East FM- London

"Truly one of the one the most original and forward thinking Latin acts based here in the UK"

"Lonely but warm, just like a lost Latin American trying to find themselves in the squalid streets of London. The fact is that distance plays a very important role in this new –electronically gentle– music, which has impressed both Latin American and local listeners.  Distance, or estrangement, then, has a curious effect: a kind of returning to one’s roots but from a whole different perspective, adapted to an ever surprising reality, full of unexpected novelties".




Entrevista a Silvia Demetilla por Tomás Yelmini
Clarín- febrero 2009

Diario El Sol
April 2011

La Nación
Lo argentino, objeto de deseo

Radio interviews and live

Londres Asi Radio UK oct 2010 - in Spanish-  (listen)
Música sin Comprimir_ FM Ahijuna - in Spanish (watch video)
Resonance Fm London UK 2010
- in English - (listen 1)  (listen 2)
Resonance  FM London UK 2009 - in English -(listen)
FM Sur 88.9  Quilmes AR 2009
- in Spanish- (listen)
FM Sur 88.9  Quilmes AR 2010 - in Spanish- (listen)

Radio G- Purple Haze AR - (read)





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